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Epic Radio

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Epic Radio is a UK-based online radio station that was set up in early 2020 during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. It was created by a group of DJs and presenters from various well-known 80's London pirate stations, including JFM, LWR, Solar, Invicta, Kiss, and the recently closed down United DJs Radio. Their mission was to bring back the music that listeners love and want to hear, as opposed to the regular FM stations that play what they are directed to. The radio station prides itself on providing programming that listeners enjoy, with a particular focus on listener interaction through their group chat portal. The portal allows listeners to interact with live DJs and fellow listeners. Additionally, they offer a membership portal where members can listen to previously aired shows and specialist shows produced by their presenters​​.



Email info@epic-radio.com
Website https://epic-radio.com/
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