Fresh Leeds

Fresh Leeds

  • Genre: pop, reggae, hip-hop, rnb
  • Country:England
  • City: Leeds
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • First air date: 2002
  • Language: English
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Fresh Leeds is a groundbreaking radio station, being the first legal black music station in Leeds and Yorkshire. Established in 2002, it has grown significantly to become a well-respected voice of the community, offering a wide range of black music genres to a diverse clientele in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and beyond​​.

Listeners can tune into Fresh Leeds online and live, immersing themselves in the vibrant soundscape of dance and urban music that it delivers​​. The station's popularity and growth can be attributed to the professional radio presenters and a strong support management team who are attuned to the needs and preferences of their audience​1.



Address Park Place, Leeds City Centre, United Kingdom
Phone 0777 057 1614
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