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About radio

Angel Radio is a radio station that provides nostalgic entertainment, relevant information and mental & physical stimulation for older people and anybody who enjoys the music of the 1920s through to the 1960s. It is the home of pure nostalgia.

Angel Radio is based in Havant, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. It broadcasts 24/7 on FM, DAB and online. You can listen to Angel Radio live on 98.6 MHz FM in Havant and Portsmouth, on DAB+ in some of the trial minimuxes across the country and on the Surrey multiplex as Angel Vintage.

Angel Radio is run by a team of over 100 volunteers, most of whom are over 60 years old. They present various programmes, such as music shows, quizzes, interviews, documentaries, and advice segments. They also interact with the listeners through phone calls, emails, letters, and social media.

Angel Radio is a unique project that fills a gap created by the media who seem to think older people only want to hear about health problems, death and loneliness. It celebrates the rich musical heritage of the past century, and provides a platform for older people to share their memories and experiences². It is a radio station that cares about its listeners and makes them feel happy and valued.

  • Genre: pop, oldies
  • Country:England
  • City: Havant
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Frequency: 98.6 FM
  • Language: English


Address 17 Market Parade, Havant, United Kingdom
Phone +44 23 9248 1988
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Frequencies - Angel Radio

Frequency City Rating
98.6 FM Portsmouth 0



Gerald 26 August 2023
Your Angel Radio provides beautiful and very enjoyable music.
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 28 September 2023
Love all the older music. Country. Soul.
Michael, Norwich
Michael, Norwich 13 October 2023
Millhouse is the middle name of Nixon.
Michael, Norwich
Michael, Norwich 14 October 2023
Anthony Quinn. I love you, you love me. Don't bin. If we can tolerate Telly Savales, we can cope with Anthony Quinn. The backing singers alone need preserving.
Corinna 4 December 2023
Great show with Bob, haven't heard Frank and Nancy for a very long time, listened to Sid and Nancy in between, but must now admit that Frank and Nancy are gorgeous again! Thank you very much for music from long ago and now. Greetings from Berlin
David 27 December 2023
Really miss Angel Radio since the DAB+ signal was switched off in West Sussex.Please come back soon !
John 7 January 2024
Fantastic show Mark, I'm now regular listener
Bob in Bristol
Bob in Bristol 31 January 2024
Thoroughly enjoyed today’s Pay to Play. The listeners of Angel Radio did well with their selection of requests , and raised a few grand to help keep this brilliant radio station going. Well done Angel Radio 👏
Mark B, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Mark B, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2 February 2024
Nice show Keith! Nice tribute to the Rock n Roll trinity. I’d like to catch your show more often, your show comes on at 10:00am here. I’ll have to set an alarm to remind me. Great show and great nostalgia. Thanks!
Shawn Cohen
Shawn Cohen 3 February 2024
Just found you and am thrilled! Love this music and was a Boom listener for a while but it’s changed. These are the classics I want to listen to! Thanks for this gift to my 67 year old ears! 🎸❤️🎶🥂
Robert, Beckton
Robert, Beckton 4 February 2024
Love the mellow jazz presented by Duncan Barkes and the ol’ codger too. Duncan does everything in style… even sizzling porky bangers. Boy, do we miss you at Radio London. Rock on Angel Radio and More Radio Retro. xxx
John 17 February 2024
Hi Mark
Playing all. My favorites tonight, great show
Marianne Hooker
Marianne Hooker 20 February 2024
New Inventions is tiny village about 5 miles south of Clun, Shrops on the road to Knighton, Powys. So right on the Welsh boarder. Loved tonight's selection. none stop dancing around my kitchen
I shall sleep well tonigh!
Peter Wilkins
Peter Wilkins 24 February 2024
Music of my youth rock and roll 83 years old and still a rocker thanks for the music
Linda Yarrow
Linda Yarrow 19 March 2024
I have only just discovered you, love it 😃
Colin Brown
Colin Brown 18 April 2024
I enjoy hot pipes glad it's on weekly just wish it was on for 1 hour half hour is to short
Ross 18 April 2024
Love this station! Absolutely brilliant!
Mike Foster
Mike Foster 11 May 2024
Listened to the wireless as a young boy, into juke boxes, arcades, skating and local dances as a kid, joined the RN at 16 in 1957, lost touch with popular music of the day, your programme fills in all the gaps. I love it, please keep going. Thanks from me and my wife, Rose.