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Virgin Radio Chilled

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Virgin Radio Chilled, a subsidiary of the renowned Virgin Radio UK, is an online radio station designed to provide listeners with a relaxing musical experience. Launched on 21 December 2018, it features acoustic singer-songwriters, aiming to create an atmosphere for listeners to unwind and relax​​.

The station runs a series of shows throughout the week. The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, airing from 6:30AM to 10AM, kickstarts the day with the best music and a lineup of exciting guests. Stu Elmore takes over from 10AM to 2PM, providing a soothing voice and the best music to kick back to. Olivia Jones, Sean Goldsmith, and the Virgin Radio Chilled team continue to keep the positive vibes going throughout the day and into the night, with a selection of the best music to unwind to​​.

The weekends also come with a special lineup, with Michael Underwood, Shivani Dave, and Ivan D'Sa each taking a slot to play the best music to kick back to, ensuring listeners can relax and enjoy their weekends to the fullest​​.

As per the latest official audience figures, the station reaches an impressive number of 447,000 adults (15+) per week, with listeners tuning in for an average of 1.9 hours each week. The total hours listened to Virgin Radio Chilled per week add up to 836,000 hours, giving the station a 0.1% market share​​.

  • Genre: chill-out
  • Country:England
  • City: London
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English


Address 18 Hatfields, London, UK
Phone +44 333 003 3300
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