D3EP Radio Network

D3EP Radio Network

  • Genre: deep-house, house
  • Country:England
  • City: London
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English
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D3EP Radio Network is a popular online radio station based in the United Kingdom that offers a platform for over 100 DJs from across the globe, broadcasting live underground beats​. The radio station, available for listening live online, features a variety of music, with a particular focus on deep and house genres.

From its official website, it is evident that D3EP Radio Network offers a plethora of music-related content, including live DJ sets, a comprehensive list of the latest podcasts, DJ charts, and a list of the top 20 podcasts, which include 'All Things House', 'Everything Deep', 'Deep 'n' Bumpy', among others​​.

Playlist D3EP Radio Network

CJ Cooper - Release The Pressure (26/11/23)CJ Cooper - Release The Pressure (26/11/23) Live
Andrea Fiorino - Mashup MadnessAndrea Fiorino - Mashup Madness 17:25
Andrea Fiorino - Disco MoodsAndrea Fiorino - Disco Moods 17:01
Framework - Quality, Controlled (15/11/23)Framework - Quality, Controlled (15/11/23) 16:01
Monte - Nov 12 MixMonte - Nov 12 Mix 15:28
Jingle - 30 Second StingJingle - 30 Second Sting 15:25
Andrea Fiorino - Love CocktailAndrea Fiorino - Love Cocktail 15:01
Retrogroove - D3EP IN THE MIXRetrogroove - D3EP IN THE MIX 13:07
Framework - qc_26Framework - qc_26 12:07
S.W. - Silky SoulS.W. - Silky Soul 09:40



Phone +44 (0)238 000 8010
Email contact@d3ep.com
Website https://d3ep.com/
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