1055 The Point

1055 The Point - 105.5 FM Milton Keynes

  • Genre: pop, news
  • Country:England
  • City: Milton Keynes
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Frequency: 105.5 FM
  • Language: English
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1055 The Point, the rhythm of the 80s and more, is a vibrant radio station based in Milton Keynes, England. Broadcasting live at FM 105.5 and available for online streaming, the station provides a rich blend of music and local news that resonates with a diverse audience​​.

Launched on 10th December 2010, formerly known as Secklow Sounds and Secklow 105.5, the station has grown to become a vital part of the local community​​. It's home to popular shows such as "Floorfillers with Dave Boughton" which runs from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, and "Weekend Breakfast with Ian Noakes" from 8:00am to noon, among others​​.

Listeners can also enjoy "Non-Stop The Point" from 10:00pm to 8:00am, offering a continuous stream of the rhythmic tunes of the 80s and more​​. Notably, the radio station has a significant online presence, with a previous Facebook following of over 2,000 likes as of 2019​.

With a line-up of talented presenters, including James Martin and Simon Tuck, 1055 The Point is renowned for creating engaging content that keeps listeners tuned in at all times​​. Additionally, the station features local news, making it a comprehensive source of entertainment and information for the residents of Milton Keynes​.



Address Moorgate House, 201 Silbury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 1LZ
Phone +44 333 567 1055
Email hello@1055thepoint.co.uk
Website https://www.1055thepoint.com/
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