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Akash Radio - 1323 AM Leeds

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About radio

Akash Radio is a vibrant, community-based radio station that was launched on 27 June 2002 in Southall, London. Now based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the station has grown to serve the Punjabi speaking communities of different nationalities and people of all ages, both locally and globally​​.

The radio station has undergone a significant transformation since its inception. In May 2010, it underwent a management change, with its name, imaging, and content all getting a refresh. The station, formerly known as Akash Radio, became known as Amar Radio, reflecting its evolution and growth. In December 2010, the station was bought by Jaswant Singh, the President of Southall's Miri Piri Gurdwara, with plans for a major overhaul​​.

  • Genre: pop
  • Country:England
  • City: Leeds
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Frequency: 1323 AM
  • Language: English


Address Scotthall Road, Leeds, United Kingdom
Phone +44 113 262 3366
Email info@akashradioleeds.co.uk
Website https://akashradioleeds.co.uk/
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