Surf Rock Radio

Surf Rock Radio

  • Genre: pop, punk, rock
  • Country:England
  • City: London
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English
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Surf Rock Radio is the world's number one online surf music station, proudly delivering the best in new and vintage surf rock music 24/7. Established in July 2013, it has become a hub for both instrumental surf rock, surf punk, and rockabilly music​.

The station is also an integral part of, a network of internet radio stations dedicated to surf music. This network serves as a robust platform for the surf music community, offering a truly interactive relationship between bands, stations, and listeners. The system allows bands to easily send music for rotation across the network, meaning DJs can get tracks into rotation almost immediately​​.

Playlist Surf Rock Radio

Terreur Twist - L'InvocationTerreur Twist - L'Invocation Live
The Spoils - The Ivory CoastThe Spoils - The Ivory Coast 22:55
S.H.A.R.P. - The Surf Hermits and the Angry Red PlanetS.H.A.R.P. - The Surf Hermits and the Angry Red Planet 22:49
The Young Barons - Secret Agent ManThe Young Barons - Secret Agent Man 22:46
The Killifish - Stella MareThe Killifish - Stella Mare 22:43
The Frigidaires - Really I DoThe Frigidaires - Really I Do 22:40
Magnatech - Tika Hates TikiMagnatech - Tika Hates Tiki 22:37
Atomicos - To The Victor Goes The SpoilsAtomicos - To The Victor Goes The Spoils 22:34
The Surf Hermits - The Faces Of Our FathersThe Surf Hermits - The Faces Of Our Fathers 22:31
King Ghidora - A COSMIC NEMESISKing Ghidora - A COSMIC NEMESIS 22:28

TOP 10 songs on Surf Rock Radio

Genki Genki Panic-DesecrationGenki Genki Panic-Desecration
The Surf Raiders-Swami's ReefThe Surf Raiders-Swami's Reef
The Surf Raiders-Totally TubularThe Surf Raiders-Totally Tubular
Roarshark-Crabs in the HaremRoarshark-Crabs in the Harem
The Surf Raiders-Raider JamThe Surf Raiders-Raider Jam
The Surftronics-SubmarineThe Surftronics-Submarine
The Surftronics-Beef from Outer SpaceThe Surftronics-Beef from Outer Space
Messer Chups-Padre PizzicatoMesser Chups-Padre Pizzicato
TarantinosNYC-Spanish StepsTarantinosNYC-Spanish Steps
King Ghidora-A Cosmic NemesisKing Ghidora-A Cosmic Nemesis



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