Afghan Voice Radio

Afghan Voice Radio

  • Genre: talk, news
  • Country:England
  • City: Harrow
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: دری
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Afghan Voice Radio is an online radio station that was founded in 2010 and officially registered as a non-profit community interest company in 2012. The station is based in London and is run by volunteers. It serves as a global platform for dialogue and debate, promoting peace and unity in Afghanistan​​.

The radio station started off as an experiment in 2009 with the founder teaching themselves about community internet radio and media through online tutorials. Over time, it grew to reach a global audience of Afghans across the world, receiving song requests via Skype from Afghans living abroad for friends and family back home​​.

The station broadcasts a wide range of programs, including a weekly discussion show named Hujra, which means 'guest house' in Arabic. The show is a platform for listeners to discuss important issues, mirroring the public gathering places found in Afghanistan where people of all backgrounds come together to talk. Topics have ranged from arranged marriages to migrants’ journeys to Britain, allowing open and free dialogue across generations and borders in a way that is often not possible within most Afghan families​.

Playlist Afghan Voice Radio

Ghezaal Enayat - Man Khanda KardamGhezaal Enayat - Man Khanda Kardam Live
Javed AmirKhail - Kakari Gharhi SharangJaved AmirKhail - Kakari Gharhi Sharang 15:52
Aryana Sayeed - Bacha Mashi MaAryana Sayeed - Bacha Mashi Ma 15:46
Qais Ulfat - Mowj e GulQais Ulfat - Mowj e Gul 15:40
Ajmal Omid - Negar TanazAjmal Omid - Negar Tanaz 15:37
Hamyoon Angar - Tor KamizHamyoon Angar - Tor Kamiz 15:31
Farhad Darya - AttanFarhad Darya - Attan 15:28
Alia Ansari - TanhaiAlia Ansari - Tanhai 15:25
Aryana Sayeed - Tora KhahamAryana Sayeed - Tora Khaham 15:19
Aryana Sayeed - Zakhme ZabaanAryana Sayeed - Zakhme Zabaan 15:16

TOP 10 songs on Afghan Voice Radio

Jawid Sharif-YaareeJawid Sharif-Yaaree
Aryana Sayeed-Baa NamakAryana Sayeed-Baa Namak
Jawid Sharif-AshkJawid Sharif-Ashk
Aryana Sayeed-Zakhme ZabaanAryana Sayeed-Zakhme Zabaan
Farhad Darya-Oo GhaitaaFarhad Darya-Oo Ghaitaa
Aryana Sayeed-GuitarAryana Sayeed-Guitar
Farhad Darya-HanozFarhad Darya-Hanoz
Mariam Wafa-Agha JanMariam Wafa-Agha Jan
Mirwais Nejrabi-TawizonaMirwais Nejrabi-Tawizona
Qais Ulfat-SafarQais Ulfat-Safar

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