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Hey Nineteen - Steely Dan
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Dead Ringer For Love - Meat Loaf and Cher
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We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
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Money For Nothing - Dire Straits
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I Love Rock And Roll - Joan Jett
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Harlem Shuffle - The Rolling Stones
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Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N Roses
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Juke Box Hero - Foreigner
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Gimme All Your Lovin' - ZZ Top
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Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac

About radio

Absolute Classic Rock is a semi-national digital radio station in the United Kingdom, part of the Absolute Radio Network, owned and operated by Bauer. It offers non-stop classic rock hits to its listeners, with a focus on the biggest guitar anthems in the world​​. The station first aired on December 4, 2000, originally as Virgin Radio Classic Rock, and was rebranded as Absolute Classic Rock on September 29, 2008​​.

Broadcasting live across various frequencies, Absolute Classic Rock covers a significant portion of the United Kingdom, from Ayr to London and Wolverhampton to Tyne and Wear, and is also available on Sky (UK only) and Virgin Media​​. In 2010, the station expanded its DAB digital radio coverage in the North of England and other regions, potentially reaching up to 10 million new listeners​.

Known for hosting shows like "Hometime with Bush and Richie" and "Non-Stop Classic Rock," Absolute Classic Rock has seen personalities like Richard Skinner, Tommy Vance, Alan Freeman, and Alice Cooper as presenters​. The station invites listener engagement through social platforms like Facebook, making the listening experience interactive and engaging​​.

  • Genre: rock
  • Country:England
  • City: London
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English


Address One Golden Square London W1F 9DJ, UK
Phone 3301231215
Email reception@absoluteradio.co.uk
Website https://planetradio.co.uk/absolute-classic-rock/
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