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Absolute Radio - 00s

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Fat Lip - Sum 41
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Somewhere Else - Razorlight
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors - Editors
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Handbags & Gladrags - Stereophonics
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
My Name Is - eminem
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Sugar We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
This Is The Last Time - Keane
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
On Call - Kings Of Leon
Logo Absolute Radio - 00s
Crawling - Linkin Park

About radio

Absolute Radio 00s is a semi-national digital radio station that's part of the Absolute Radio Network, owned and operated by Bauer. The station, which launched on December 10, 2010, replaced Absolute Radio 90s on the Switch London DAB multiplex. It currently broadcasts locally on Bauer's Inverness DAB Multiplex and nationally via smart speaker streaming and online web streaming. Its live online streaming service has allowed it to continue reaching audiences across the UK and beyond​​.

The station's programming primarily features music from the 2000s, with its playlist including rock, alternative, 'credible' pop, and hip-hop/urban crossover music. Notably, the Dave Berry breakfast show from the parent Absolute Radio station is simulcast on Absolute Radio 00s, and as with the other sister stations, Absolute Radio 00s only plays music from the 2000s during the breakfast show. Similarly, the weekday afternoon drivetime show is syndicated from the main station, with a split playlist system that allows relevant music to be played on each station​​.

There were a few notable changes in the station's broadcasting history. In December 2014, Absolute Radio 00s was withdrawn from DAB in London but was made available on DAB in Inverness. In May 2020, a DAB+ broadcast of Absolute Radio 00s was made available to the London area, which was created the previous day for the Absolute Radio 40s pop-up by reducing the bandwidth allocated to the relay of Absolute Radio on the multiplex​.

  • Genre: 00s, pop, rock
  • Country:England
  • City: London
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English


Address One Golden Square London W1F 9DJ, UK
Phone 3301231215
Email reception@absoluteradio.co.uk
Website https://planetradio.co.uk/absolute-radio-00s
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