Radio Law

Radio Law

  • Genre: pop, talk, news
  • Country:Scotland
  • City: Wishaw
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English
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Established in 1967, Radio Law is a cherished British radio station based in University Hospital Wishaw. Broadcasting live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, listeners can tune in online and immerse themselves in a wide variety of music genres. This listener-focused station offers a unique mix of automated programming and live shows, all presented by dedicated volunteers. The station takes pride in ensuring there's something for everyone, often tailoring its music selection based on patient requests made through ward visits and phone calls​​.

With its roots deep in the local community, Radio Law is a proud member of the Hospital Broadcasting Association. Their contact address is Wishaw General Hospital, 50 Netherton Road, Wishaw, ML2 0PD, and they can be reached by phone at +44 169 8373 773. For those interested, song requests can be sent to, and general correspondence to​​.



Address 50 Netherton St, Wishaw
Phone 441698373773
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