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Anton Glackin - Alligator Roll
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Norah Hickey - I'll Be With You
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Ron Jenkins - Hello Whiskey
Brandon Lorenzo - You Set The Bar
Brandon Lorenzo - You Set The Bar
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John Michael Ferrari - Youre My Dream Girl
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Carol Stevens - My Friend
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Rose Finn & Bob Hausler - Make Up And A Smile
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Kish Moody - Whiskey Train
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Shay Hood - Fall Like A Fool
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Marty Denton - Dr. Honky Tonk

About radio

  • Genre: indie, country
  • Country:England
  • City: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English


Email web@ignitioncountry.co.uk
Website http://www.iam4uradio.co.uk/
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Dee Morrissey
Dee Morrissey 22 July 2023
Fantastic station, playing a lot of the new upcoming artists. Well done to Colin 🎶❤️
Gundy Humphries
Gundy Humphries 23 July 2023
This Station and Colin it has to be said is 5 stars all the way 😊
Brilliant music and Dj
Terry Dean
Terry Dean 23 July 2023
Awesome Station! Colin has a brilliant playlist and is a staunch supporter of Independant Country artists. Nice one Colin and thank you from us all.
Richard pearsall
Richard pearsall 24 July 2023
Thanks so much Colin and the station for promoting original songs and artists. 5 star
Dave Ward
Dave Ward 24 July 2023
Colin has done an outstanding job building this amazing station. He works tirelessly to promote Indie artists here as well as on his weekly charts. 5 stars across the board!
Dave saunders
Dave saunders 8 August 2023
Colin has created a wow factor in music on this channel so nice to hear the up coming artists well done Colin you tiresome work deserves the accolades you rightly deserve
Richard Pearsall
Richard Pearsall 10 August 2023
Thank you so much for supporting original music God bless all
Rayanna Hicks
Rayanna Hicks 10 August 2023
I am a cover artist from Texas! Colin has such a kind hearted demeanor. He has played my cover of the Fool several times and it made my day y’all! I love this station because I get to hear songs from brilliant independent artists. There’s so much variety of genres here as well! I get sick and tired of hearing the same Miley Cyrus song on the radio etc. So, this radio station is so awesome because it’s not repetitive and gives singers a chance to be heard! Thanks Colin for giving all of us a chance to be heard! God bless you sir!
My name is Brent Beaudeaux
My name is Brent Beaudeaux 12 September 2023
I’m from Louisiana. My name is Brent Beaudeaux I have the song Ladies Like you and now Should I statvAre Shoukd I Leave. I’m listen to your station for the first time. Beautiful music 🎶 your playing.
Janette bull
Janette bull 19 September 2023
Thank you Colin for playing my version of Tennesse Whiskey, lots of great singers 🎶🎵🎶🎵💙xx
Don Acres
Don Acres 2 January 2024
Love what you do Colin!
Don Acres
Don Acres 2 January 2024
Thanks Colin for playing the best in Indie Country
Country music needs this kind of support
Keep up the good work
Thanks Don.
Brad Simmonds
Brad Simmonds 4 January 2024
Playing the indie best , thank you for all your support
Marina uppgren
Marina uppgren 13 January 2024
Simply the best..
Cathy Pohl
Cathy Pohl 19 January 2024
Hear Levi Coby
Pamela Rooney
Pamela Rooney 21 January 2024
Thank you so much for playing my song . Very much appreciated xx
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 24 January 2024
Fantstic station
Tor Wilhelm  Evensen
Tor Wilhelm Evensen 3 February 2024
Thank you for playing my Music! Awesome show
Tor Wilhelm  Evensen
Tor Wilhelm Evensen 3 February 2024
Your the best Colin! Great station. And Thank you again for air Play for my songs
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 8 February 2024
One great radio station. Listen anytime Colin is on. Thanks for the airplays for my artists
Melanie Boorman
Melanie Boorman 19 February 2024
Hi, can you play Foretold - Ami Leigh -
Many thanks 🙏🏼
Jennifer Mlott
Jennifer Mlott 20 February 2024
Hey everyone , thank you Colin , for playing me song “Back For More”! I really appreciate it :)
Robert Fantel Music
Robert Fantel Music 24 February 2024
Great selection of Indie Artists,
Awesome music!
Thank you for playing my song “You Mean The World To Me”
Much Appreciated!
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 26 February 2024
Love this station. Colin plays the best music
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 26 February 2024
This is one great station. Colin is one great Dj
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 27 February 2024
Another great show
Tracy Colletto
Tracy Colletto 27 February 2024
Thank you, Colin for your awesome support of independent artist music!
Wolfe Milestone
Wolfe Milestone 1 March 2024
Thank you All DJ's
shirley landsdown
shirley landsdown 2 March 2024
Colin is oneg great and awesome Dj He plays top notch artists
Sandy Valls
Sandy Valls 2 March 2024
Great job Pamela!