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About radio

Shock Radio is a dynamic, student-driven radio station broadcasting live from the University of Salford's Student Union. With over 20,000 students tuning in each semester, Shock Radio serves as a vibrant hub for the student community, offering a range of on-air and off-air opportunities in various fields including news, sports, visuals, and music. The station's rich and diverse programming reflects the eclectic interests of its student body, with past members coming from a variety of disciplines including Maths, Sports, Drama, and Nursing​​.

More than just a radio station, Shock Radio prides itself on being one of the largest societies within the UK's Student Radio Association, providing a platform for aspiring broadcasters and radio enthusiasts to develop their skills and build industry connections. The station has been visited by rising stars in music and industry radio presenters, adding to its prestige and appeal. Shock Radio also hosts a variety of events, including the annual Shock Radio Awards, and is part of numerous student radio events such as the SRA Awards and Conference​​.

In its 20 years of broadcasting, Shock Radio has amassed a considerable online audience, with a recent count of 1.8 thousand listeners on Mixcloud. The station is also a proud recipient of four bronze Amplify awards for its contributions to the region, promotional initiatives, station culture, and outstanding committee member​​.

  • Genre: talk, news, pop
  • Country:England
  • City: Manchester
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Language: English


Address University House, Peel Park Campus University of Salford Greater Manchester , Manchester
Phone +44 161 295 6303
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